Roller Derby Helmets


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S1 Helmet Co. makes the best Roller Derby Helmets and Roller Derby gear. S1 has been innovating high quality Roller Derby equipment and educating the community to the importance of wearing dual certified skate helmets in Roller Derby since 2010. From the totally unique Lifer Visor Helmet with our patented “Cover Catcher” to our high quality knee and elbow pads, S1 has set the bar for innovating roller derby protective gear and is trusted by some of the best roller derby athletes and leagues around the world. If you’re looking for the highest level of Roller Derby safety or just trying to complete your roller derby outfit then make S1 part of your uniform and rock an S1 Derby Helmet, S1 Knee Pads, S1 Elbow Pads and S1 Wrist Guards.